Landscaping Irrigation Systems

Atlanta Irrigation Systems

There is a reason they call it Hotlanta, summers here are hot and humid and this creates challenges for maintaining a healthy lawn. Contact your Atlanta lawn irrigation specialist today for more information.

Installing a lawn sprinkler system is not only convenient, it is automatic, thus assuring that your yard is irrigated on a regular schedule. If you want a lush and green lawn you have got to regulate the proper…

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Atlanta Outdoor Landscape Lighting

There is no shortage of beautiful homes in the north metro Atlanta area. Georgians love their homes and yards and they put a lot of time and money in their largest investment, so why not show it off after the sun goes down too?

Atlanta Landscape Lighting

Installing LED low voltage lighting on the architecture of your home, beautiful trees and shrubs will enable you (and your neighbors) to appreciate your…

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Landscape Drainage

Atlanta Landscape Drainage

Remember the Georgia flood of '09? In the areas of Fulton, Cobb and Douglas counties many properties were significantly damaged. Here in Georgia a lot of drainage problems occur as a result of our clay soil. Water does not readily soak into soil made of clay. It can simply puddle up until the entire yard making it soft and muddy.

Do you have a slope on your property where excess water flows creating a soggy lawn? Normal…

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Landscape Water Features & Irrigation

Atlanta Water Features

Living in Metro Atlanta we are fortunate to have some large lakes nearby and this is great if you own a boat. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, well that's a five hour drive either way. Envision a retreat just outside your own back door, a place where you can escape and be near water. Adding a water feature to the exterior of your home is a great way to augment the beauty of your landscape and a great way to reduce…

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Landscape Carpentry - Decking, Pergolas, and Arbors

Atlanta Decks, Pergolas, and Arbors

Imagine your yard with structures that enhance both your property and your lifestyle. A great majority of homes in the Atlanta metro area come with the standard unimaginative, rectangular deck. Useful, yes, but not really inviting. It doesn't have to be that way. Our designers and skilled carpenters will transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis.


Atlanta Decks - Form Follows Function

Most decks come…

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Outdoor Kitchens

Atlanta Outdoor Kitchens

According to the Barbecue Industry of America (BIA), 84% of American families own grills, which translates into 74 million households. Today, those grills have become bigger and come with more bells and whistles so many Georgians are taking the art of grilling to a whole new level.


Convenient Outdoor Kitchens in Atlanta

Outdoor kitchens are part of the larger trend of outdoor living spaces. The smell of grilled…

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Natural Boulders Landscaping

Natural Boulders

Natural Boulders add a timeless four-season interest into a home landscaping plan. They are a symbol of timelessness, stability and endurance. Here are three ways to incorporate them into your yard:


Boulders come in a variety of shapes, color and sizes. Most people think of boulders as large round stones, but they come in many shapes from flat to rectangular to triangular. Sizes can range from 100 pounds to a thousand…

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Landscape Retaining Walls

Atlanta Landscape Retaining Walls

The topography of north Metro Atlanta is predominantly characterized by rolling hills. Parts of cobb, North Fulton and Cherokee counties have lovely subdivisions with spectacular views of hills and valleys, some are so high you can see downtown Atlanta. And while these properties are desirable they come with either sloping front or backyards and in some cases both.

A Retaining Wall is The Solution

A long sloping…

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Patios & Walkway Design

Atlanta Patios and Walkways

Ask anyone residing in the Atlanta Metro area why they enjoy living here and the majority would say "the weather." After a short and wet winter everybody moves outdoors. If your backyard is too shady or damp to maintain a lawn, then a patio transforms this once unusable space into a welcoming retreat. Our yards in Georgia are extensions of our homes, no matter the size, our backyards provide additional space for…

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Creating Value and Beauty with Softscapes

Softscape is a term that covers all the living material outside your home such as: sod, trees, shrubs, flowers and ground cover. Let's examine each material and it's importance:

The Well Manicured Lawn

In the United States the lawn remains the most dominant landscape feature. Our front lawns provide a sense of invitation and accessibility to our home, while the back lawn allows a platform for family…

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